About me

Since I can remember, I have always had passion—to create, to invent, and to discover.

After years as a visual artist and songwriter, I had a gradual transition into the field of design. I  started with illustrations and this segued into designing logos. From there, I was smitten. At the advice of a friend who is a UX researcher, I took some classes in UX, and there was no looking back. I went back to school and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Design for User Experience.

My strengths are the ability to bring an artistic eye and creative flair to problem-solving while empathizing with the person at the other end. I have a variety of experience in different, seemingly un-related fields: music, art, design, video, or writing. At the heart of all these endeavors, you’re striving to create something that resonates with people.

I feel that in the work of a UX designer it’s invaluable to understand the business needs and the problem being solved. However, I find it’s equally important to incorporate research and an understanding of the human using your product or service.